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The Road to Recognition

The Road to Recognition is an A-to-Z guide to personal branding.

The book provides a roadmap filled with actionable advice to help readers advance their careers. It’s easy to read, filled with insights from marketing experts, and beautifully designed.

This page is intended to be a resource of media assets if you’d like to join our “Road Rally” as a contributor, fan, or reviewer. Interview requests will gladly be accommodated.

Seth + Barry

The Road to Recognition began (unknowingly) about two years ago when authors Seth Price and Barry Feldman created an infographic called The Complete A-to-Z Guide to Personal Branding, which became a viral hit.

Seth and Barry were inspired to dig deeper and answer all kinds of questions about earning recognition as an expert. We began bouncing ideas around for the book and collaborating on its content and design. Nearly two years later, we’re thrilled to share the results with you.


In addition to the authors’ insights, The Road to Recognition features ideas from numerous experts who have developed prominent personal brands. Many additional ideas on the topic will be offered as free bonus content designed to encourage interaction and social sharing.


Unlike the boring visuals in most business books, The Road to Recognition is filled with colorful graphics from our talented collaborator Jan Moscowitz of Studio LaPlancha.